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What's Bugging You?

Hindmarsh Pest Control are locally owned, Adelaide-focused pest control specialists. We identify the root cause and eradicate pest problems efficiently and cost effectively, and minimise the chances of them coming back. Whatever’s bugging you, leave your pests to the best.


Home Owners

Protect your most important asset from pests

Business Owners

Prevent pest problems that could damage your business

New Builders

Make quality pest prevention a key part of your project

Landlords & Agents

Don’t let pests reduce the value of an investment



Termites can cause significant damage to property if left unchecked. Hindmarsh Pest Control uses insurance backed advanced baiting and spray systems to stop termites in their tracks. We also carry out warrantied inspections for ongoing termite management.



If you’ve got problems with rats or mice in your home or business, don’t worry. Hindmarsh Pest Control’s baiting systems are highly effective and pet-friendly. We track and eradicate rodents and can implement a service plan with you to stop them coming back.



No home or business wants problems with ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, mites or fleas. We understand the seasonal breeding patterns, nesting behaviours and feeding habits that cause infestations. Our treatment solutions are highly effective on all insects, including moths that target fabric and stored foods.



Pigeons, starlings and myna birds can all cause problems across Adelaide. We can remove nests, and we also have a range of solutions including spike, wire and net systems to prevent birds perching or nesting around your property and deter their presence without causing harm.

Regular inspections can save you significant money and heartache

Ask us about TimberSecure, a five year termite insurance policy that will give you peace of mind following the installation of a Hindmarsh Pest Control termite management system.